Casino History

Casinos have grown over the years to become one of the largest businesses in the entertainment industry. These establishments gross billions of dollars each year. They continue to gain acceptance especially since they moved into the online realm with new and innovative games being released every day. In order to truly appreciate this growth we must look at the casino history.

The Origin Of The Word Casino

It is very difficult to pin point the exact origin of Casino history. There are however numerous and extremely entertaining stories that show that the concept of casinos are as old as life itself. It is impossible to talk about casinos without mentioning gambling. This is because casinos are described as establishments or premises that gambling activities take place.

The word casino is not originally an English word. It is said to have originated from the Italian word ‘Casa’ centuries ago. The word was used to refer to a small villa or entertainment spots. From the origin of the term casino you can see how closely related its history is with Europe.

Who Created The First Casino?

From Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, China to Egypt there are mentions of one form or another of gambling dens or establishments in their history. In the US the earliest known casinos were in the form of saloons. The Ridotto in Venice, Italy established in 1638 was the first recorded gambling house in Europe to provide controlled gambling during carnivals. Revelers could engage in games of chance sanctioned by the governing council at the time.

There is no way of truly knowing who really established the first real casino. History is full of texts that mention organized gambling. Evidence in archaeology suggests that even cavemen enjoyed their own form of gambling. The Chinese had already created unique casino games by as early as 2300 B.C. In Europe ancient Greek soldiers are rumoured to have been relentless gamblers even though the practice was banned in the region. Egyptians in Thebes were also avid casino enthusiasts by 1500 B.C.

First Games In Casino history Were Dice Games

The Good And Bad Of Casino History

Casino history has not been all smooth but it has survived. Gambling is an activity that should be fun and the chance of walking away with a win comes as an added bonus. There are however numerous downsides that can come with gambling due to overindulgence. This is why in its long history there have been many bans on casinos that continue even today. The famous Ridotto gambling house was shut down in 1774 for the same reasons. It has not been all bad though because casino games have helped to build a lot of economies, fund wars and build amenities such as schools. The Great Wall of China was built by funds raised from early casino games.