Roulette: Casino Game Everybody Loves

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in existence. Having originated in France, the game found its way across Europe and the rest of the world, quickly becoming the players’ favorite. This simple but very exciting game has everything a player expects to find: thrill, suspense, and a potential to win big on any individual spin of the wheel.

Roulette Rules in a Nutshell

As mentioned, roulette is a very simple casino game with straightforward and easy to understand rules. Players can place bets on straight up numbers, group of numbers, different sections of the wheel, as well as colors (red and black) or even and odd numbers. The wheel contains 36 numbers, alternating between red and black pockets, and one Zero, traditionally colored green.

Understanding Roulette Odds & Payouts

Different bets pay differently, depending on how likely the player is to win a particular wager. Straight up bets (bets on single numbers) pay at 35 to 1. Betting on two numbers (split) pays at 17 to 1, four numbers (square) pay 8 to 1, etc. All these bets are placed on the inside of the board placed in front of the wheel and are thus known as ‘inside’ bets.

Apart from these, roulette also offers players a chance to place what’s known as outside bets. These are placed on the outer edge of the board and feature wagers such as red and black, even and odd, or high and low (paying back even money), column bets (paying at 2 to 1), and dozens bets (paying at 2 to 1). Clearly, outside bets are easier to win, but payouts are also lower. However, new players should probably start with outside bets and work their way up.

A Game that Never Goes Out of Style

There are many casino games out there with new ones being invented all the time. However, there are very few that come close to roulette in terms of popularity. There is hardly a casino player who hasn’t tried his or her luck on the so-called Devil’s wheel at least once. The perfect mix of simplicity, entertainment, and excitement makes roulette a game that will never go out of style and it will probably be around for as long as there are online and land-based casinos.

Roulette - an absolute & undisputed king of the casino floor.